Children’s Programs

Fall 2022

Ross Recreation Programs for Children Ages 3-15

The Ross Recreation Department offers fun, learning and innovative programs that build character, provided by an institution that is highly organized, with great instructors and which nurtures a sense of neighborliness in our community.

Sporty Girl Sports (Wednesday)

If your daughter loves sports, this is the class for her. Jean Marc Schafer will expose your child a variety of sports; from soccer to kick-ball and everything in-between! The girls will have lots of laughs and good times playing with each other.

Sandrick's Sports Early Release

Join Sandrick Jackson in the Ross School gym/on the field on early release Wednesdays for lots of fun and games!

Dodgeball, tag games, indoor soccer, hockey, basketball and more. A Ross School favorite, this program always fills. Register early and don’t miss out!

(Ross School has priority use of the gym, there may be times when Sandrick’s Sports will be held outside.)

Holly Hoppin Friday Funday at Phoenix Lake

Holly believes that nature awakens wonder, calms, heals and connects us to the world, each other and our truest selves. The early years are a foundation for the rest of the children’s lives through inquiry and imaginative play supported by respectful relationships, meaningful connection to nature and simple rhythms and consistency & provide rich soil for children to thrive.

Your children will be climbing trees & over rocks instead of structures. They will be getting wet, muddy, & learn to become confident and self sufficient, anticipate and plan, plant seeds of life and friendships as they bloom at Phoenix Lake during all seasons. It’s a magical time!

No class date: 11/11 & 11/25

First Step Soccer

These sessions are where so many young players go to have a fun first-time soccer experience. Coach Dan knows that habits are built once a young child starts to kick a ball.

FirstStepSoccer was created to instill the proper habits to our young aspiring soccer players. Dan is always positive, encouraging and meets each player where they are in their development. Building each players confidence level is key to each young players growth, and is why skills will always be appropriate and achievable. As players achieve specific skills, they will be challenged with more skills to be developed; and, overcome. Dan’s sessions are always fun based. His love for teaching soccer clearly shows; and, truly takes a special interest in teaching his youngest players.

Soccer Gr K-2

Jean Marc leads our instructional soccer program that emphasizes basic skills in passing, dribbling, shooting, trapping, and other tactics for both offensive and defensive play.

Ross Recreation staff will run weekday practices and referee the Saturday games. Parents are asked to volunteer to coach the teams (manage substitutions & promote good sportsmanship!) during their Saturday games only–coaches are not needed for weekday practices. Let us know if you are willing to coach!

Please note the following:

First games will be Saturday, 10/1

Cost of the program is a league price and therefore cannot be pro-rated for missing practices/games.

Each child will receive a soccer shirt.

Team placement is not determined by practice date/time. Once teams and schedules are made they will be posted on the ‘Info’ page of our website.

Ross Recreation is not affiliated with Ross Valley Soccer League, we are a separate recreational program for K-2.

Holly Hoppin' Back To School Camp

Need an option for After School before our regular programs start? Holly Hoppin’ Back To School Camp can fill the gap.

no class 08/25, 08/29 & 09/05


Hip Hop is an ever-popular street dance that cultivates body control, creativity, and community! In this 9-week outdoor workshop, children of all levels will learn rhythm, choreography, precise footwork, upper body strength for breaking, stage presence, and the history of Hip Hop culture. This program is based in dance culture and developmental anatomy. It will include styles of house dance, locking, popping, and funk developed in the 1970’s. A balance of precision and respect will be infused with freedom and personal expression, to foster the dancers confidence. Old-school and new Hip Hop and R&B music will be utilized.

Cool Crafts & Engineering

If your kids love making things with their hands, then they’ll fall in love with these fun crafts we’ll make! Each week, kids will explore how to make different crafts using different materials. They’ll create wind chimes, Ferris wheels, beautiful music boxes, frisbees, dream catchers, kites, glowing lanterns, glowing & glitter magic wands, disco balls, night lamps and more!

Crafting is a form of self-expression, and every child will create the same object differently. It also involves a lot of engineering and mathematical skills. Students will learn about geometric shapes such as isosceles and equilateral triangles, areas & perimeters, degrees of angles such as right angles, how to use a protractor to draw and carve perfect circles for their creations, how to measure in inches and centimeters and more! Crafting involves both left & right brain and strengthens hand coordination and while improving fine motor skills.

All materials included. Email:
No Class: 10/5 & 10/12 & 11/23

Youth Yoga (1st -4th)

Yoga is not just for folks with back issues and a way to get flexible or sweat the stress out! Yoga has ancient healing properties, and children have natural instincts and a sense of spirit and joy. This class will help young folks develop control over their bodies and their breath. Most little humans have ample flexibility, but control and coordination that balances this flexibility will help their posture, assist with strength in sports and nature activities, and simply promote a healthy body.

Class will always incorporate an intention, a “peak” posture (a more advanced pose to work towards) and then all the steps to get there! There will be a radical yogi playlist of music to be inspired by and groove to as we move together. This class focuses on being equally an awesome Asana activity, while teaching some basics of meditation (such as breathwork and mantra) that will give them tools to self-soothe when anxious, scared, overwhelmed, or upset.

No Class 10/11 & 11/22

Tennis Skills / Fun & Games

Group lesson. Usage of special equipment designed for this age group. Introduction to tennis with simple activities and games that produce both fun and early motor skill development.

For the 2:45pm class only the instructor will pick up at dismissal at Ross School to walk the kids over to the tennis courts.
Dianne will teach Mondays, George on Thursdays

ADVNC Lacrosse

Ross Recreation welcomes ADVNC Lacrosse to teach the fastest growing game in America! This program is designed to introduce young players to the sport of lacrosse in a fun and safe environment. Each session will begin with “drills and skills” that will help players work on the fundamentals of the game including: cradling, scooping, shooting and catching. Each session concludes with games to reward players for their participation. ADVNC staff encourages each child, building self-confidence as they develop eye-hand coordination. 

* Lacrosse stick required – limited loaners available on request.

Classes at Ross and Bacich

Basketball League

Boys and girls basketball classes cover all of the fundamentals of this popular winter sport: dribbling, shooting, passing and teamwork.

Our staff will encourage your child and help them improve their basic skills throughout the season’s practices and games.

Please note the following:

Cost of the program is a league price and therefore cannot be pro-rated for missing practices/games.

Each child will receive an official team basketball shirt.

Team placement is not determined by practice date/time. Once teams and schedules are made they will be posted on the Info page of our website.

The school has first priority of the space, there may be dates we will have practice outside; weather permitting.

We rely on parent volunteers to coach teams for Saturday games! Please let us know if you are able to coach, note that coaches are only needed for Saturdays games, not weekday practices.

Saturday game schedule will be available online. 2nd through 4th grade games will be held on Saturdays at Ross School Gym.
*Please note–classes are planned to be held indoors at this time, there is a chance we will move the entire league to the outdoor courts at Ross and Bacich School depending on COVID guidelines.

Adventures in STEM with LEGO® Materials

Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts!

Build engineer-designed projects and use special pieces to create your own unique designs! Projects are rotated seasonally to ensure that both new and returning students can explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system.

No class 11/10 & 11/24


LIVE Chess Class returns!

Join us in this fall where we will continue to foster patience, strategic planning and critical thinking skills. Our time will be spent on principles of the opening, tactical elements of the middle game, and basic endgame situations. We’ll break down historical games, do tactical exercises, and analyze games by program participants.

Ukulele Jammers

Let’s learn the ukulele! Your child will have a blast strumming with the class as they learn to sing and play familiar tunes from folk songs to Mother Goose rhymes. They’ll be introduced to different styles of music, allowing them to get a well-rounded sense of the many ways to play the ukulele. Soon they’ll be jazzing & rocking their ukuleles!

No class: 11/22

Classes at Bacich

Holly Hoppin Science at Bacich

This science program is designed for children as a way to stimulate an interest in science.

They will learn a simplified version of the scientific method of:
*What is a question *How can we find an answer *What do we think will happen * Test our guesses.

They will also explore science skills: *Observing, Classifying, Sorting, Measuring, Using Numbers.

We will be communicating what we learned with words, art, and games.

12 weeks: Supplies are included.

Holly Hoppin Early Release Bacich

Science and art are often viewed as opposites. One seems to be driven by data while the other by expression and creation. But, in reality, they’re more alike than we think. They share a common thread through inquiry and questioning. At their core, artists and scientists are inventing, exploring, and discovering. Children’s brain synapses fire away as they experiment and create through art & science!!

Holly will pick your child up from class at 12pm for kinder and 12:15 for 1st/2nd. Please pack a lunch and water for your child.
This class will be held outdoors. We will only cancel due to weather or AQI over 150. We will do our best to provide make-up classes but can’t guarantee them.

Schafer Games at Bacich

Join Coach Schafer on minimum days for some after school fun and games on the blacktop!

Open to 3rd & 4th graders only.

Skateboard Class at Bacich

Skateboard after school club is a place for beginner skaters to learn the basics of skateboarding.

This class is welcoming to skateboarders with zero experience. Typical activities include, free skate, lessons and coaching on different maneuvers, group activities and games and learning to skate different obstacles.

Want to learn more? Go to

Registration Info

Our registration database is tracking all unpaid sign ups. You have 48 hours to pay for any pending registrations or they will be AUTOMATICALLY DELETED by our system. We cannot hold a spot for you in a program if the registration deletes.

Please be sure to pay upon registration to secure your spot in the programs you have selected.

Payment Policy

About Ross Rec

Ross Recreation is a Department of the Town of Ross. It was formed in 1972 to provide recreational enrichment and community service for the residents of Ross and their neighbors. The department has grown from just a handful of classes to more than 100 classes per year for infants to Seniors.

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