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Ross Recreation Info

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Basketball Teams & Schedules


Kindergarten/1st grade Girls Teams

Kindergarten/1st grade Boys Teams

2nd grade Girls Teams

2nd grade Boys Teams

3rd & 4th grade Girls Teams

3rd & 4th grade Boys Teams

Kindergarten & 1st grade Schedule

2nd grade Schedule

3rd & 4th grade Schedule


Class Cancellations/Rainout Policy

(Please use YOUR judgement):


Soccer - If the field is soaked and would be damaged with play, soccer will be cancelled. If it is just drizzling, class or games may go. Conditions may change quickly, so class could cancel at the last minute.

Tennis - ANY rain causes dangerous slick conditions, so if it has been sunny and dry for 2 hours before class, courts could be squeegied and usable. If not class is probably cancelled.

We will try to post cancellations here, but it is not always possible (For example, RR office is closed on Fridays, so it won't be posted then.)